Commission a Portrait

Commissioning a Portrait is one of the most meaningful and lasting ways to honour someone.  It is not just a mechanical reproduction of their likeness, but a collaboration between the artist and subject.  Shaped by a lifetime of experiences, every person’s demeanor has many complex and intangible qualities.  The purpose of a portrait goes beyond likeness, and lies in the conveyance of their unique character.  In a successful portrait, the viewer
does not simply view, but feels as if they are engaging in a dynamic and very real conversation with the subject.

Each commissioned portrait is a unique piece of art, and I am confident that YOURS will be a valuable addition to your art collection and a cherished heirloom for future generations.  I guarantee your satisfaction!

Benjamin Barak


To commission a portrait, or simply to inquire about the process,  please contact the artist by phone or email.

Phone: 905 251 7100