Past Exhibitions

Kingston Artfest:

June 28- July 1

City Park, Kingston


Toronto Outdoor Exhibition:

July 4-6

Nathan Philips Square, Toronto


Art Mentorship Project: McMichael Canadian Collection (Dec.21- March 2, 2014)

“Let’s Elope To Canada, Baby!”

“When I painted in Algoma, I was interested in the dual identities of that landscape: both the real, remote location and the famous paintings that I had seen in books and galleries. If I faced away from the train tracks and houses, the space seemed as primordial and untouched as I had always imagined. I squinted the telephone poles out of my composition, and paused with realization: The Queen, in stamp and currency, had traveled this great land far more than any other.  I was forced to concede her dominion – for if she had not been there first, she had been there most.”

                                                                                                                                          – Ben Barak, Canadian immigrant

(see a preview!)

Ben Barak - Elizabeth Here and Elizabeth There