About the Artist


Although at a glance you may think he is a painter, Ben Barak considers himself an Installation artist: He creates surreal narratives that engage the viewer as both painting and artifact. Barak is intrigued by the nature of truth; the manner in which ‘truths’ are both disseminated to the public (the viewer), and become additionally distorted by our own prejudices.  His works are “visual conspiracies” which guide the viewer to narrative conclusions with incomplete or erroneous information, and involve both the viewer and their surroundings in their dilemma.  

“I am obsessed with narratives.  Most obvious are the ones that I have created within an Artwork and those formed by the interactions between my pieces.  Less tangibly however, is my narrative as Author, yours as Viewer, and many others that have been destroyed or obscured during my process. Conceptually, it is important that the reference images I gather will have been severed from their original source and meaning, and I want you to feel that subversion, if only subconsciously.  

– Ben Barak

Born somewhere in New York State, Ben Barak remembers little of it. However – he spent three and a half fond childhood years running amok on an Israeli Kibbutz, and subsequently 22 years in Canada. Barak received his BFA from Nipissing University in 2012.